How can I pay?

You can pay with card or Payconic app. No cash.

Is there a possibility to park the car?

Yes, there is parking in front of the door. If there is an event on the site, you have to park on the road. This is close by.

Is the room suitable for everyone?

The room is slightly physical. We therefore don’t recommend it for people who are less mobile or for pregnant ladies.

Is it scary?

No. It is an escape room. Not a haunted house.

Is it there small and narrow?

No. It is an escape room. Not a speleobox.

Is it dirty there?

No, it is not

Is it dark there?

No. It is an escape room. Not a dark room.

What about fire safety?

We pay attention to fire safety. In our escape room there are emergency buttons, so you can always open the door yourself. We have an emergency exit, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Is it cold there?

The temperature is reasonably standard. But do not hesitate to bring a sweater. It remains a cellar, of course.

Are we alone there?

No. We keep an eye on you through a screen.

And what if we are unable to continue?

Then you get a hint.

Come on time. This is pleasant for us and for the players who come after you.

#ANT is not responsible for possible accidents.
#ANT does not allow players who are under the influence of alcohol or other mind-expanding substances.
#ANT prohibits third parties from making and / or distributing images of De Kelder without prior written permission. This is made with the exception of material and distributed by #ANTcollectief itself.